The 3 EEmigos

The 3 EEmigos (pun intended!) have rode into EE in Darlington after completing a course with Penshaw View Training.

Arthur, Louise and James have started exciting careers with EE earlier this month. Penshaw View Training have a fantastic working relationship with EE across the North East. The candidates started their journey with us on 13th April and gained a level 2 Certificate in Contact Centre Operations.

Thanks to our fantastic working relationship with EE the learners were lucky enough to attend a site tour in Darlington. Tanya kindly showed the learners around the site and they were all overwhelmed by the atmosphere and working environment EE provide their workforce. This gave the learners a real insight to what EE stand for and a glimpse of an exciting career at one of the UK’s biggest brands and leading telecommunications company.

All 3 have now started with working in their new roles in Pre Live Broadband and Broadband retention roles in Darlington. We caught up with them during their first week in Grad Bay, a supported learning environment, whilst taking live calls from EE’s customers.

James, from West Auckland:

“Penshaw View Training got me a job when I couldn’t. The training was spot on and I’ve really enjoyed it. With EE, we’ve been eased into the training and haven’t been thrown in the deep end. There’s been on going support throughout the training and I am excited at what the future holds.”

Louise, from Darlington:

“Before coming onto a course with Penshaw View Training I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and I wouldn’t have had the confidence to apply for a job at EE. Chris Small, our tutor, made a huge difference and gave us the confidence we needed. It’s exciting to be at EE and I’m looking forward to the future. It’s something brand new to me and I’m really enjoying it. It’s a great environment and everyone who works here is happy. There’s always help and support when needed”

Arthur, from Newton Aycliffe:

“The course with Penshaw View Training was excellent and is the main reason why I have adapted to the role with EE so quickly. Thanks to our tutor, Chris Small, I’ve really enjoyed the course with Penshaw View Training and it’s the best course I’ve ever done. I now have an excellent opportunity to work in the telecommunication industry which is something I have always wanted to do. I’m looking forward to growing within EE and progressing my career here.”

Chris Small, Penshaw View Training Tutor:

“From day 1 of the course the attitudes shown by all candidates was exceptional. Although they did not have any call centre experience, their attitudes were outstanding! It just goes to prove that no matter what your experience, with dedication and commitment you can achieve your goals.”

Arthur, Louise and James would like to thank Michael Davies, Operational Trainer at EE, for providing them with 1st class training and really making them feel like one of the team.

Huge congratulations to the 3 EEmigos!! Well done and enjoy your new role!

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