Employers Info

Penshaw View Training can supply your business with free training and recruitment.  We are funded through a number of colleges and local authorities, which enables Penshaw View to offer their services completely free of charge!

Penshaw View Training Ltd. can provide candidates who have completed a bespoke training programme, designed and chosen by you, to specifically meet the needs of your business.  All candidates are screened by Penshaw View before being accepted onto a course, ensuring that we only supply you with potential employees who suit the needs of your business.  All that we ask is that you guarantee an interview to all learners upon course completion, with no obligation to take on anyone that we provide!

Existing staff

Penshaw View Training is a training provider focused on helping you to increase your profits, improve your staff retention rates, motivation levels, and productivity as well as provide well established career development opportunities for your employees, we can help.

And, because much of what we do is backed by Government initiatives, our services come at no cost to the employer – it’s a highly efficient way to get and retain good people into the right jobs, to help drive your business forward.

Importantly, we don’t dictate what training your staff should do; we listen to what you require and offer solutions to skill shortages and how to develop your existing staff. You can decide which learning units you would like us to run, if that’s what fits in with your business.

Penshaw View Training’s programmes are delivered on site with minimal disruption. Every employee receives practical coaching from their tutor and will have continued support throughout the training.

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